Sunday, August 17, 2014

Steep Ithacan Hills

There are a number of beautiful, precipitous country climbs in the Ithaca area. Some of the steepest are described below. Incorporating these hills into a ride will be sure to raise your heart rate and drop your average speed.

  1. Starting right in downtown Ithaca, two climbs ascend towards higher knowledge on the hill to Cornell. Kline road and Cascadilla Park Road offer some quick access climbing. Kline starts out steep and stays that way for a quarter mile at 16%. Rough pavement and a narrow road mean caution is in order. Cascadilla offers a more tame half mile at 8%. The road's three switchbacks and dense housing confer a European charm. Try and best Dan Timmerman's time if you're feeling strong.
  2. Moving to the opposite side of town, Bostwick and Culver Roads take you on a longer climb up the western hill. Both hills average 8.5% on roads that end in country greenery. 1.7 and 1.4 miles respectively, these are challenging climbs with gradients that waver slightly throughout. Great climbs through which to leave the Ithaca area.
  3. A few miles to the south we find 5.6 miles of Shaffer Road at 4.3%. One of the few Cat 2 climbs in Ithaca, after climbing a steep opening ramp the climb gradually rolls upwards with a couple sharp inclines. This is a quiet road with nice views down into the valley on the left. 
  4. Autumn Ridge Lane is the steepest short climb in the Ithaca area. Beginning at a pedestrian 8% or so, soon it kicks up to a grade barely passable with actually walking. The top ramps up to around 20% for very painful quarter mile of road. Out-and-back, this road receives very little traffic - by car or bike.
  5. Just down Coddington Road comes another challenging climb - East Miller. Fairly straightforwards, just a steep, pretty steady mile long climb at 10%. Great for breaking speed records on the way down but careful of the steep end at a stop sign.
Some more hills:
  1. Blakeslee Hill Road - 1.5 miles of 10%
  2. Protts Hill - Half mile of 12%
  3. Sovocool Hill Road - mile of 10%
  4. Legge Hill - another mile of 10%

One that didn't make the final cut - Blackman Hill Rd
Protts Hill

Autumn Ridge Lane

Autumn Ridge

Legge Hill
Blakeslee Hill Road

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